Amazon Clipper Tradicional / Hotel Saint Paul


We were very pleased with the Amazon Clipper. The boat was nice and the excursions were fun and informative. The only slight problem we encountered was that the bus driver for the transfer dropped us off at the dock, rather than at the hotel. The guide on the Amazon Clipper told us that all guests are supposed to be dropped off at the hotel and the staff from the Clipper gets the luggage onto the boat. It was a little awkward for us since we had heavy luggage and it started to pour rain as we arrived. You might want to clarify the drop off point with the bus driver in the future.

As we said in the last email, the Saint Paul Hotel did a good job accomodating us on our second evening. In general, it was hard to get much help finding restaruants, laundromats and groceries stores in the area since the person at the front desk was often unable to speak English (of course, we were unable to speak Portuguese!).

The overnight and tours of INPA research sites were great. We enjoyed sleeping in the hammocks and learned a lot about the Amazonian forest.

Thanks for your help in arranging this portion of our trip.

Susan Barton