Hotel Saint Paul / Anavilhanas Lodge


Thanks and Happy New Year to you too. I apologize for the delay in my response but immediately upon our return my family and I went to Bolivia to visit my wife’s family. I just returned.

I am happy to share my comments. I have some few suggestions so let’s talk about them and then once it is all clear you can put it in the blog.

Your service was excellent. Your webpage was easy to use and had plenty of information. It was great that my family in the US could see it in English. We also appreciated being able to pay in installments.

The Saint Paul was very nice as well. We liked the location and being able to walk to many things. I would suggest that you try and get people there into the renovated rooms. We had three rooms. Two of the rooms had recently been redone and were of much better quality than the third.

Everything at the Anavilhanas was excellent. We had a wonderful time. I have sent some small suggestions to the hotel. I would like to make you aware of one issue so that it can be clearer for future people. I had asked you before we left about expenses at the lodge. You had mentioned that mineral water was provided and that bottled water was for sale. We were surprised to learn at the hotel that we had to pay for all drinks. We realized that we would pay if we chose to drink alcohol. However, we were surprised to learn that even if we wanted juice with lunch we had to pay and were charged for all water. Even the guides suggested that when we visited villages we should buy drinks to take back as it was cheaper. I think this should be made clearer.

Otherwise we had a great time. If you have any questions please let me know.