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O nosso passeio em Manaus foi excelente.

Quanto ao Tropical Business não necessita comentarios; intalações e serviços 5 estrelas, piscina maravilhosa e condução na van do hotel diariamente até o centro, facilidade esta que não esteva incluida, mas foi cortezia do hotel.

O Amazon Ecopark nota 10. Cumpriram toda a programação com ótimos guias e sempre no horário. Buffet execelente. Vamos difundir entre os amigos.

Um agradecimento especial ao Ricardo que sugeriu o ótimo programa , nos atendeu fora do horário de expediente e ainda tranferiu nossa estada no Amazon Ecopark, o que nos possibilitou mais 1 dia em Manaus, quando visitamos o Teatro Amazonas (fora de série) e ao Palácio. Manaus é uma cidade alegre e hospitaleira. os manauenses ou manauaras? são são simpáticos e prestativos: quando pediamos uma informação não só tinham prazer em nos ajudar e mais de uma vêz nos acompanhavam por 1 ou 2 quadras para nos orientar

Parabens pelo serviço.

Ana Maria e Afonso.

Aldeia dos Lagos

Dear Luciana,

I am so sorry, that i could not find the time until now to give you my feedback! first of all, although the payment through internet was a little complicated, we were very happy with viverde and your friendly and helpful booking service. until now, we haven´t had any problems with visa (as you remember, we paid three times and you cancelled two of these payments, this seems to have worked!)

Coming to the amazon region was without doubt the most impressive part of our journey to brasil. in Aldeia dos Lagos we felt a little lost at first, because we had the feeling that we had to ask for everything ourselves (meal hours, etc.), but in the end, everybody was very friendly and and helpful. the manager (?) and our guide explained to us the different tours, so we had the feeling we could really spend our 4 days according to to our own preferences, which was nice. They took us to so many interesting places and excursions, which we enjoyed very much!

The accomodation was good and the food was extremly good in aldeia. the only thing is, i would not recommend going there to someone who speaks and understands no portuguese. after studying different types of jungle lodge-offers on the internet i had the impression, that there would surely be at least one english speaking guide in every lodge.

Our guide did speak o.k. english, and he did his best to make us understand everything he showed us. but i had the feeling we did not learn as much as we could have from this most interesting part of the amazon. i know that it is the travellers responsibility to learn the language of the country he/she is travelling to, and i know that people in silves do not have enough possibilities to learn foreign languages. still we would have liked to know more about the rich nature and different ecosystems of amazon and especially about the aldeia project and also aspac.

As it was co-sponsored by the austrian government, i also wrote an email to our foreign ministry to ask for more information about Aldeia dos Lagos, but unfortunately I didn´t get an answer.

All in all, we were very happy in aldeia, saw as much as is possible in 4 days, and met a lot of really nice people. i hope i will have the opportunity to visit the amazon region again some time!

Thank you also for the possibility of feedback! Yes, i think, ilos was our main guide (i never saw his name written down, but it sounded like “ilos”), he really did his best in english! also marciano came with us on some tours and he was especially friendly and spoke slowly in portuguese so that i could understand everything (at least i think so). he also told us about the social problems in silves, which i found very interesting. When you send them my feedback, give them our greetings!
We think of aldeia whenever we listen to “banda calypso” 😉

Thank you for your service!
Greetings from vienna/austria

Amazon Jungle Palace

Hola Ricardo.
Ya estamos de vuelta en Madrid de nuevo por desgracia a trabajar otra vez.
Nos ha gustado mucho la selva, nuestra estancia en el hotel Jungle Palace fue perfecta asi que lo recomendamos totalmene. Tanto el lugar como la gente fueron muy agradables.
En manoas estuvimos un dia pero tambien nos gusto auqne solo vimos lo mas tipico, mercados, teatro…y coincidimos con una fiesta en el Sambodromo asi que nuestra espera hasta tomar el avion la hicimos bailando samba.
Gracias por vuestra ayuda en las recomendaciones del viaje fueron de gran ayuda.
Un abrazo

Acajatuba Lodge


I very much enjoyed my stay in Manaus. I must say that Luciana from Amazonas travel did an excellent job in helping me out when I was there. She was a great help in rescheduling my pickup for a different hotel, and I want to thank here and Viverde for your assistance.

Acajatuba lodge was excellent. I had a great guide there named Hare Krishna, who was above and beyond what I expected.

Thank you all for a wonderful experience,

Scott Finck