Juma Lodge

Hi Luciana

Parabens to Viverde and Juma Lodge! My three night/four day stay at Juma Lodge (21-24th August 2007) was outstandingly good and thoroughly enjoyable. I felt I had made exactly the right choice in opting to have my first Amazon Rainforest experience with Juma.

Viverde was very efficient in organising a late booking. Your customer care was excellent, both in terms of email response and advice.

Juma’s transfer arrangements were reliable, punctual and professional. On top of that, the transfer, consisting of a considerable journey by fast boat, was exhilarating and meant that the exciting Amazon experience ‘exploded’ immediately once we left the dock in Manaus. Being met and accompanied by your guide from the outset was a good idea. However, Juma Lodge might like to consider emulating some European safety standards such as: the wearing of life jackets and formal instructions on emergency procedures during some of the fast moving river transfers. I imagine not all your customers are confident swimmers and a focus on client safety is a good selling and satisfaction point.

The Juma Lodge itself was brilliant! The setting was idyllic and the buildings blended perfectly into the natural beauty of the river and forest. The free roaming presence of pet monkeys, parrots and a lethargic tapir was a great touch.

The accommodation was of high quality, clean and spacious. Lying in the hammock overlooking the river was a delight. That lights and generator powered electricity were not available all day was understandable and did not detract from the comfort offered by the rooms. The absence of air-conditioning (offered by some other lodges) was appropriate. Certainly in August even the fan was not needed at night. Incredibly, and not mentioned anywhere in your publicity material ( a mistake in my view!) is that Juma Lodge is almost mosquito free since the irritating insects do not thrive in the acidic black waters of that part of the river. I wasn’t bitten once and nor was I ever woken by that high pitched whiz in my ear.

The food was delicious: indigenous, fresh and varied – and I did not even touch the meat dishes. The bar prices were not prohibitive, only just above the normal Brazilian bar tariff.

The trips out of the lodge both along the river and into the flooded forest were brilliant. Enjoyment of them was sharpened by the young, but very knowledgeable guides whose expertise was communicated very proficiently in English. The scenery is stunning and often magical. I think the piranha fishing outing could be expanded into fishing for a wider variety of fish, although I accept that the piranha itself has become an icon of the Amazon. Caiman spotting was hit and miss, but no one minded. We got our eyes and hands on an 18” specimen! Conrades, our guide, introduced us to tarantula, pointed out a vast array of bird life and gave us an interesting insight into how the local people make use of the jungle for both commerce and subsistence. The trip to meet the vice-chief of the local Indian community (Evangelical Christians!) was delightful and surpassed our group’s expectations. It was a pleasure to meet him and his family in their home, stroke the pet monkeys and sloth and buy their artifacts.

How could Juma Lodge improve? I think that most travelers to the lodge, like me, are probably knowledge hungry about the Amazon. It would enhance some guests’ experience if they could access a small library of information and pictures about the surrounding area. I am sure that customers would share their photos and videos. Perhaps in the evening a film about successful caiman searches or other events. I would have enjoyed a talk/discussion with local people about their lives and culture.

I would go back!

Iberostar Grand Amazon

Hi Luciana

What a fantastic trip, I cannot believe that more people do not know about this boat (Iberostar Grand Amazon). From the minute we arrived until our departure the staff were, friendly and helpful.

The boat was clean and our cabin surprisingly roomy. The trip we took was very under-booked and there were only 28 people on the boat which was great for us but I am sure not good for Iberostar Grand Amazon.

Our guides were friendly and extremely knowledgeable, it is very obvious that they enjoy what they do – we all had such a fun time.

Please let me know if I can help further.

Many thanks for all of your assistance in making this such a memorable experience.

I shall recommend you to all of our friends.



Acajatuba Lodge


Fizemos a viagem agendada pelo Roberto para nós.

O hotel na selva Acajatuba é fantástico, os passeios são muito bons, a ausência de mosquitos é ainda melhor!

Pena que podemos apenas desfrutar por um dia e meio, pois tinha que trabalhar na segunda feira, mas o final de semana na selva foi muito interessante, focagem de jacarés, passeio pelos igarapés, segurar uma jibóia na casa dos caboclos (foto em anexo) o passeio na selva, sem contar as primordiais refeições no hotel, que peixes maravilhosos!!!

Era isso!
Diego Pasetto

Cruzeiro Cassiquiari / Hotel Saint Paul / Hotel Taj Mahal

Chegamos bem agora.
Viajar no Brasil é sempre uma experiência fantástica. Os Hotéis da cidade de Manaus são perfeitamente aceitáveis, sem serem brilhantes.

Saint Paul
Taj Mahal

Da cidade de Manaus sente-se a decadência duma prosperidade perdida; Os lugares mais fantásticos para turistas, são a ópera, o porto e o Mercado que é fantástico.
O cruzeiro do Amazonas foi uma experiência única, Adorei o barco Cassiquiari e a sua Tripulação; Poderia melhorar as comodidades de higiene a bordo investindo nos banheiros; Muito mais gente seria atraída para tão formidável experiência . E o rio e a sua gente são fantásticos. Mas do mais fantástico que encontramos foi o nosso guia Rodolfo, verdadeiro embaixador da Amazónia e de quem ficamos amigos.
Salientamos ainda a brilhante cozinha de D. Graça e a presença segura e constante do comandante.
Um Abraço,
Luís Frederico Braga

Iberostar Grand Amazon

Dear Luciana

Thank you for the Email we have just returned from Brazil after 3 weeks and the Amazonian experience was definitely everyone favorite, the hotel was great and the staff extremely friendly and efficient.

The Iberostar Grand Amazon cruise was spectacular, the ship was immaculate with great cabins and all the comfort of a 5 star hotel, the staff was the best , from the waiters to the guides to cruise director everyone when out of the way to make us fell welcome, the excursion were very well planned and, food was great, departing day, was a sad one we could definitely spend few more days on the ship.
Thank you also Luciana for the great assistance and patience and I will recommend the Amazon and you Company to all our Friends.

Best Regards,
Vico Testori