Hotel Saint Paul

Hola Ricardo,

En Julio de 2008, nosotros habiamos planificado este viaje, para conocer el Amazonas Brasileño, pues previamente habiamos visitado el Amazonas Venezolano. Para esa fecha de 2008, la informacion de Manaus la obtuvimos de la pagina Web de Viverde, con lo cual estabamos bien orientados sobre nuestro objetivo en esa ciudad. Uno de los niños se enfermo y tuvimos que suspender nuestro plan de viaje y postergar nuestra estadia alli.

En esta ocasion, tomamos toda la informacion que habiamos impreso en 2008. Pudimos ir y fuimos muy bien atendidos. En realidad, pensamos que pudieramos volver en un futuro. Tanto la atencion en el hotel Saint Paul como en la excursion fueron buenos y disfrutamos de una linda estadia, desde nuestra llegada hasta nuestra partida en Manaus. Quedamos gratamente sorprendidos de que vale la pena haberlos visitado.

Gracias mil,
Corina y Osvaldo

Hotel Saint Paul / Anavilhanas Lodge

A viagem foi maravilhosa!!! O Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge é um sonho. Tudo perfeito: hotel, acomodações, funcionários, restaurante, passeios, guias, astral, organização, e pontualidade. Isso sem falar no arquipélago e toda a beleza natural que são um show!!! Superou nossas expectativas.
O hotel Saint Paul foi muito confortável e agradável na 1a noite, mas ontem tivemos um pequeno porém: era 3af de carnaval e o hotel fica do lado do carnaval de rua, então o barulho foi intenso até de madrugada.
Parabéns pela organização e até uma próxima oportunidade.
Luciana e Rodrigo

Juma Lodge

Hi Luciana,
I’m so sorry it took so long to get back to you. I’ve finally had a chance to put my Brazil pictures together and so i wanted to send some your way! I have many more if you would like, or if hard copies would be useful, i’d be happy to send some out to your office. … use my comments as you wish: “Viverde is a great service that made this dream trip of mine a reality beyond expectations. I saw more of the Amazon and the city than I could have ever imagined, and there were very friendly experts at Plaza Hotel and the Juma Lodge to help along the way. My pictures speak for themselves: this is an adventure worth repeating, I know I will be back, and everyone who asks about the Amazon, I tell them I have the perfect trip planners! Thank you for everything.”
Luciana – I have also included a picture of a map that was on the wall in the bar lounge at Juma. it showed every detail of the Amazon, all the sustainability centers along the North to South side and where Juma is in relation to Manaus. As you can see, it didn’t turn out so well, and i was wondering if you knew where i could get this information, or a new picture of this map – i want to do Brazil again in a few years, starting with Juma Lodge, and then visiting some of the outer reserves, likely a month total. We don’t have this in the states, so if it’s possible, i’d be happy to pay for a hard copy or a scanned image. if not, no worries, i’ll figure it out.
— I’m sending the photos in a separate email, big files. 🙂
Kindest Regards and best wishes,
Erin Andrea

Hotel Saint Paul / Juma Lodge

Hi Luciana,

I enjoyed my trip to Amazonas very much, and I am very satisfied by the service provided by Viverde.
I was picked up in the airport and driven directly to Saint Paul Hotel. The hotel is the best in this price range, that I´ve had in Brazil on this journey – very nice.
Most of all, I was extremely satisfied by the stay at Juma Lodge. There were no other guest arriving the same day as me, so I was transported the long way to the lodge all by myself. At the lodge, the staff was very flexible about the itinerary – according to our interests and the weather. The guides were all very skillful – both in mastering English, guiding us through the flora and fauna of the rainforest and the rivers, and in showing us the indian culture. A ‘personal’ guide (João) followed me throughout my my stay, which was very nice. Most of the time I shared the guide with one more guest, and on a few excursions we were 7 persons. This made it a very personal experience.
The Juma Lodge has some very nice bungalows with at great view over the river from the hammock on the porch. There were typically around 16 guest at the lodge, so everybody got to know each others and we enjoyed exchanging experiences in the bar, over a beer or a caipirinha. Excellent place!
I may send you some pictures fron the Juma Lodge when I get back home.

Best regards
Poul Varming