Juma Lodge

Desculpa tanta demora em dar o meu parecer.

A viagem para a amazonia foi fantastica!
O atendimento em Manaus foi muito pontual e tudo que foi combinado foi cumprido com presteza.
O Hotel Juma Lodge é maravilhoso, PAZ é a melhor palavra para traduzir tudo que se é capaz de sentir estando naquele lugar.
Espero voltar muitas e muitas vezes,

Aline Chagas

Amazon Riverside

Hi Luciana,

We just returned to Toronto a few days ago and we really enjoyed the Amazon excursion. Our flight from Sao Paulo to Manaus arrived late by an hour but your staff was there greeting us and he was very pleasant and helpful. The next day we waited at the lobby a bit and only found out there was an hour difference between Sao Paulo and Manaus time. The guide arrived on time and led us to the dock and we actually started our activities early at the lodge Amazon Riverside after checkin – fishing at the dock and caught a few cat fish for dinner.

The 2 days were packed with activities and there was never a boring moment. I think we were a little lucky too that when we arrived at the lodge, a group of tourists just left and so we got all the staff’s attention. We could move a lot in the boat when fishing pirahnas and caught about 20 in an hour. We were sorry for some people in a canoe we passed by, with about 15 people sitting 2 feet from each other, each dangling a fish line. I feel some jealousy in their eyes when looking at us and we definitely feel safer on a wider boat than on a canoe which rocks with the waves. The pirahnas and the cat fish we caught were fried and served in the dinner and it was amazing.

For the alligator spotting, it was quite a surprise this fellow jumped into the river to manhandle this 8-year-old Cayman and brought it on board the boat for us to take pictures. The tour through the flooded forest was a surprise as well. And I was able to hold a sloth too.

The guide and the lodge staff Amazon Riverside have been very professional and having been on many trips to many countries, I’ve got to say these 2 days had been the most exciting vacation ever. The lodge and service was excellent and I have no issue whatsoever.

Attached is a couple of pictures we took, a cayman and fried pirahnas we caught. Thanks again for your prompt service and response before and after the booking.


Amazon Tupana

Dear Luciana,

We had a wonderful time in Amazon Tupana Lodge and Manaus and we are glad we chose Tupana Lodge. Despite the long drive, the setting is perfect (altho’ we should mention the very young driver, Danini, who drove us to the canoe – he drove at breakneck speed over a muddy potholed road in an old VW van, and wouldnot slow down) on our return journey we had an older driver who was fine.

We had a fabulous guide, extremely knowledgeable, called Fabio, who really made the trip for us, we learnt so much about the jungle and river. We thought the excursions were all very well organised and we loved the lodge and view of the river from our room, and making friends with Conchita, the monkey, and Romeo the pet tapir! The food was excellent, and we experienced many local Brazilian dishes, also a lovely dish prepared by Fabio from the fruit we helped him pick.

We only have one complaint (apart from the young driver). The lodge ran out of water on 2 occasions and ran out of beer on 1 occasion. We were sold chlorinated water in unsealed bottles, and they didn’t inform us until we complained about the taste of the water. This is really unacceptable, as there is nothing to prevent a continuous back-up supply of water and beer to be kept in storage. Please would you inform the owners of the lodge and make sure this doesn’t happen again and spoil the stay for future guests.

Apart from this we would recommend Tupana without hesitation, and would recommend Fabio as the perfect guide. I attach some photos taken on the way to the lodge and of fruit sellers we met on the river etc.

Please would you let me know that you have passed the information onto the owners of the lodge about the water/beer situation.

Many thanks.

Kind regards,
Penny and Brian Ridgway (Courtenay-Bishop)

Amazon Ecopark

Hi Luciana,

I was a little worried at first when no one turned up to the airport to pick us up but after we waited for an hour someone arrived and everything was fine. I think I emailed you the wrong arrival time so the error was from my end, not yours.

We had an absolutely magnificent time at Amazon Ecopark and have already started recommending it to everyone we talk to about it. Our tour guide Elsalmo was just amazing and our group of eight was given private tours and we got to see so much in the little time we had there. The rooms at Ecopark were simple but practical, the surrounds were gorgeous with native wildlife also calling it home, the food was spectacular and the tours were a MUST!

On behalf of our entire group of Australians, I would like to thank everyone who helped make this amazing stay so spectacular: from the Amazons by Viverde staff to all the staff at the Ecopark and our tour guide.

I am happy for the above comment to be posted on your blog and forwarded to your partners. I will send some photos of our Amazon stay to you on Monday.

Thanks again for all your assistance.
Kind regards,

Hotel Saint Paul / Amazon Clipper Premium

Hola Ricardo

La demora de la respuesta se debio a que no tenia Internet. Agradezco tus palabras de consuelo hacia mi patria que pasa un momento muy dificil, pero hoy miercoles ya se han organizados tanto civiles como gobierno, para entregar alimentos a los damnificados. El sismo grado 8,8 es muy intenso al punto que no puedes permanecer de pie, por otra parte genera un ola gigante (Tsunami) que causo muchas muertes de los habitantes de la costa, nunca se habia sentido en una extención tan grande de territorio (5 regiones), mas de 1500 km de largo.

Bueno, pero se debe seguir viviendo, trabajando y volviendo a la normalidad.

El viaje al Amazonas y Rio Negro fue impecable (Clipper Premium), supero todoas las espectativas que tenia y se cumplio el programa en su totalidad. En ambos cruceros se formaron grupos humanos de muy buena calidad, eso gracias a los guías que sabien integrar muy bien cada grupo. La alimentación excelente, variada pero tipica brasilera.

En estos momentos dificiles, miro las fotos tomadas en el viaje y eso me hace muy bien, recordar a buenos amigos hechos en en barco, a mi amigo Hugo Hoyos, por ejemplo, Sandro y sus excelentes Caipirinhas.

El hotel Saint Paul tambien fue bueno, solo que solo reciben Reales y Cartoes, no reciben dolares, pero eso es subsanable. Creo que tuve la oportunidad de conocer un Manaus antes del mundial, pues creo que su aspecto cambiara fuertemente para este evento, espero visitarlo otra vez.

Te saluda
Petronio Amaranti R.