Juma Lodge

The trip to Juma Lodge was a mix of contrasts.The Meeting of the Waters was a big disappointment.Not at all the spectacle I was expecting.After a 40 minute drive we agin took the launch to Juma Lodge. This was the best part of the trip.The scenery is truly beautiful offering spectacular views, beautiful reflections in the water,and a great introduction into the backwaters of the Amazon. Arrival at Juma Lodge came toos soon but there was a warm welcome. The staff here are very very friendly.Accommodation is in bungalows built over the river. They are homely even if a bit basic. There is a fan which makes sleeping pleasant despite the heat. No hot water but you dont need it. Food at Juma is ok but there is not a great variety. Quality is ok too. There is a tv in the bar area which is a great place to meet people and converse.No need to go on a fishing trip. You can catch Piranhas in the river under the hotel and quite big ones too. The night trip to spot caimans was not a great success. One was caught for a lecture but thats all we saw.The stars in the sky were the high point. You can swim in the river during the day and its very enjoyable.
For me the most enjoyable part of visiting Juma is the launch trip in and out. As for the price…well its overpriced but so are all the alternatives.

Ariaú Amazon Towers

Our trip to Ariaú Amazon Towers was enjoyable. The accomodation was comfortable and met our needs. The food buffet was excellent. A good variety of food and very good quality. Drinks were a reasonable price.The jungle walk was not of great interest nor was the trip to visit a local community. The piranha fishing was entertaining although our catches were quite small. The evening caiman spotting was not a great success – our guide caught one small one to give a talk but thats all we saw. Swimming with dolphins was a bit of a disappointment as the dolphins stayed under water and photo opportunities were rare. The hotel is a good place if you want to get away from the world and read and relax as there is little else you can do. As the river level was very high the swimming pool was closed but even if it was open i would recommend swimming in the river. Our stay was enjoyable but not a great adventure. As for pricing I would say it is significantly overpriced.

Amazon Clipper Premium

Buenas noches Ricardo.
El viaje Amazon Clipper Premium fue hermoso, nos sentimos muy cómodos con la tripulación y guias. El servicio de abordo es muy bueno, comidas, limpieza y atención.
A pesar de haber estado en época de lluvia el clima fue muy bueno ya que no era un calor sofocante,como suele ser en verano y se podía pasear tranquilo.
Nos divertimos y aprendimos mucho en las excursiones.
Es difícil elegir fotos para mandarte ya que todos los momentos son representativos. Espero que te gusten las que envío.
No nos falto nada por hacer. Vimos atardeceres y amaneceres de película,nadamos en el Río Negro, excursiones nocturnas, vimos plantas exóticas, etc….
Luego del Clipper estuvimos dos días en Manaos. Recomendamos visitar la ciudad para aprender como es la vida en el norte de Brasil.
Recomendamos esta maravillosa experiencia.
Karina y Gustavo
Mayo 2014