Amazon Riverside


Our trip was really great. Thank you for all your help organizing our stay. Here are my comments and I will also send you some pictures once I have them uploaded from my camera.


My fiancé and I traveled to the Amazon and stayed at the Amazon Riverside Lodge. Our trip was absolutely amazing. We traveled during the off season and were able to miss the crowds of travelers and have a nice relaxing time at the lodge. Because of the absence of crowds, we were also able to have a tour guide, Alex, just to ourselves. Alex was a fantastic guide who was very knowledgeable! He did a great job showing us around the area and making sure that we got to see the best of the rainforest and the river. Between the sunrise tour down the river, caiman spotting, trekking through the forest and piranha fishing (our favorite!) we really got to experience everything the Amazon had to offer. The lodge itself was great too. It was a small, family-run establishment, instead of a large crowded operation that travel books warn about. It was only an hour away from Manaus by boat, but still far enough away from the city to offer spectacular scenery and an untouched rainforest. Meals consisted of a wide variety of tasty dishes, making sure to cater to different tastes. I would definitely recommend staying at this lodge, especially if you’re looking for an intimate rainforest experience.