Hotel Villa Amazônia / Anavilhanas Lodge

In regards to the Amazon and we would go again – it was incredibly special and sacred.

1.  The hotel Villa Amazônia in Manaus was very good. Comfortable rooms, air conditioned, decent restaurant, and wifi.  It was very conducive to go the Anavilhanas since it is owned by the same people and have a direct shuttle back and forth to Anavilhanas. We really appreciated that.

2. The hotel in Anavilhanas Lodge was luxurious, nice rooms, great food buffet style with many selections including some vegetarian.  There was only wifi in the main lodge – but close by…

3.  The tours offered were very good.  We LOVED our guides – especially Krishna and Tony.  Very experienced, knowledgeable and kind.  It was kind of like a safari in that every day at 8:30 am and again at 3:00 pm we went out on a boat for a couple of hours to either go see pink dolphins, a ranger station and see “Jack” the big Cayman, and canoes in the flooded islands.  There was also a 5:00am morning sunrise boat ride, an evening boat ride to see animals, a hike in the jungle with snake guards, and go to an old village…  There was also fishing and archery that we decided not to go.

Bob Stahl