Tropical Hotel / Amazon Clipper Premium

Hello Luciana
I have just returned from my travels, which included the Amazon Cruise, a visit to Miami, Rio, Los Angeles, a Southern Caribbean cruise and time in the Yucatan Peninsula.
I must say that The Amazon Cruise was the highlight for me as it took me into such a wonderful natural environment.
We really enjoyed our time on the Amazon Clipper Premium– it is a lovely boat- and the people we met; being a small group of 29 guests was great and gave time to get to know them all. The guides, in particular the local ones, were amazing with their local knowledge and skills for spotting and capturing some of the local wildlife with their bare hands! I have a picture of them holding a Cayman that I will send to you when I get it onto the computer.

The Tropical Hotel was very good though we were not there long enough to enjoy all it had to offer. One minor comment is that when we checked in the staff did not inform us of all the facilities or where to find things- eg when we asked about the swimming pools we were not told about the wave pool or where to find it. Also with such a short time in Manaus we managed to get down town to the old area and saw some lovely old buildings like the Opera House, however it was a little sad to see our most people live on the drive into town. I think there are some newer areas but we didn’t see them.

The service you have provided me through email has been great and I have really appreciated your efforts. I will be recommending this to any of my friends or colleagues who might be thinking of a similar trip.

As mentioned above, I will send you a photo or two in the next couple of weeks

With regards