M/Y TUCANO Itinerary Sketch Expedition Cruises

Voyage to the Heart of the Amazon (7D/6N)
Tucano Boat

Day 1 - Depart Manaus, Brasil and voyage north on the Rio Negro to the Rio Jauaperi.
Day 2 - Explore the giant lake inside a river island, Lago Turia.
Day 3 - Lago Buriti.
Day 4 - Scout the Rio Jauaperi.
Day 5 - Explore the west bank of the Rio Negro.
Day 6 - Cruise the Amazon River and the Encontro das Įguas, the meeting of the Amazonas River and The Rio Negro.
Day 7 - Return to Manaus, disembark early morning

Amazon Odissey(5D/4N)
Tucano Boat

Day 1 - Manaus, Rio Negro: Afternoon depart Manaus, Brasil and voyage North on the Rio Negro.
Day 2 - Anavilhanas Archipelago: Excursions in the forest during the day and at night.
Day 3 - Rio Negro: Excursions in the forest during the day and, at night, travel to the Amazonas River.
Day 4 - Rio Negro / Amazonas: Afternoon voyage to the meeting of the world's two greatest rivers: the Amazon River and The Rio Negro. In the evening cruise upstream on the Rio Negro.
Day 5 - Manaus: Morning disembark.

Please note that our cruises are exploratory and we adapt the vessel course to maintain an interesting cruise. We may alter the itinerary due to low river levels or weather. But this does not diminish the cruise, instead it allows us to improvise and seek interesting places to explore.

When is the best time to go?

The best time to travel is really dependent on your own scheduling considerations. The key to observing wildlife is the diligence of the guides and the guests, and a little bit of luck. The trips are wonderful any time of year.
The rainy season runs roughly from late January through early May. Though it can rain more in the rainy season, it is rare to have a full day of rain. Most riverine plants fruit and flower in this period, and it is generally a bit cooler.
In the dry season, from June to December, the rivers begin to shallow and broad beaches of fine white sand appear. This is an excellent time to see large fishing birds, and at night, reptiles like caiman, the Amazon“s crocodiles.